Writing short stories and involving myself in the world of journalism are big interests for me; creating worlds and then writing characters into them is one of my favourite methods of escapism and has stuck with me since I was young.

Becoming an editor or journalist is, to me, the natural progression for my love of writing, as well as what I aim to do following my degree. The idea that I can build a career purely from things that I write and edit is my goal in life, and current events, be that in world events, politics, or entertainment is the most attractive venue for me. In the modern media landscape, scandal and hostility are plentiful in mainstream current events, and this has always caught my eye.

Gaming, both online and single-player, is who I am. It has been a part of me since first playing my dad’s PlayStation 1 as a child. Now an adult, I immerse myself in that world even more; console, PC, VR, any form of gaming there is, I take part in it.

I am also a massive fan of anime and manga; I love reading and watching the stories that the mangakas of today have to tell, and I could definitely see myself writing about anime and manga in a journalistic medium.

I regularly attend the gym for my fitness and mental well-being. I am a sociable individual; I like meeting new people and spending time with family and friends. I enjoy reading a broad range of books and collecting nerdy memorabilia, as well as playing the acoustic guitar.