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Completing my degree, extra-curricular writing, and a broad range of part-time work has developed my content writing, editing, and verbal communication skills. I am currently working as a freelance video game journalist for Venture 4th Media and hope to grow my portfolio within the creative writing industry. 

I am able to research, source, and write engaging, persuasive copy for a diverse range of topics, as well as evaluate and edit content for desired audiences, making use of SEO for maximum traction. Now seeking an opportunity within a company where I can apply my transferable skills, contribute to an editorial team, and continue my personal career growth as a creative writer. Be that as a journalist, marketing writer, or copywriter, I am always looking to expand my skills.

How Was FNAF Created?

The FNAF series was created in 2014 by developer Scott Cawthon as a sort of response to complaints levied against his previous game, Chipper & Sons Lumber Co.

People who played and reviewed the game often complained about how it included frightening characters that were supposed to be friendly, with critics like Jim Sterling proclaiming that the characters had a ‘creepy, animatronic vibe to them.’

Cawthon took on these complaints and implemented them into an intentionally scary game using thes

What FNAF Game Is The Hardest?

When it comes to the game as a whole, FNAF 4 is the hardest; however, if we’re talking about the most challenging mode of any FNAF game, then you needn’t look further than the infamous 50/20 mode from Ultimate Custom Night.

FNAF 4, wherein you play from a child’s bedroom instead of the usual security office setting, holds the title of the most demanding game primarily based on the fact that it leans more into the auditory side of things for survival.

When it comes to what FNAF game is the hard

What FNAF Game Takes Place in 2023?

It was discovered through links to the first game that FNAF 3 and, quite possibly, FNAF Pizzeria Simulator are both set in 2023.

With the year past the halfway point and the new live-action movie from Blumhouse on the horizon, it’s interesting to note that at least one of the FNAF games seemingly takes place in 2023. This revelation came, in typical FNAF fashion, through the research of fans as opposed to the games outright telling us.

To call the timeline of Five Nights at Freddy’s complicate

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A little bit about me.

I first began my thoughts of being a journalist in my middle years of secondary school, taking opportunities offered by my school to write news articles wherever I could. This continued through my sixth form years before I finally decided to take my university degree in Journalism and Creative writing; now a graduate, I work freelance as a video game journalist, as gaming has been a huge part of my life since my dad let me play on his PS1. However, I am always looking for new opportunities to expand my repertoire as a writer.

My penchant for writing began when I was young, growing up in Essex. I would enjoy writing fantastical short stories set in worlds I wished I could be a part of; being a daydreamer was what led me down the path of wanting to become an author. As I grew older and my writing style matured, I began to take on more dark and mature themes in my writing. But I still love the fantastical nature of it and the escapism it provides for everyday life.